Kindergarten Readiness

Is a classical school the right choice for your kindergartener?

How you choose to educate your child is one of the two or three most important decisions you will ever make. Education is not the mere transfer of information, after all, it is the formation of a complete human. Your child’s education will impact what she loves, what she worships, and how she thinks about the world for the rest of her life.
No pressure, right?
Providence Classical Christian School exists to assist parents in the education of their children and for that reason, we’ve created an E-book with six steps to determining kindergarten-readiness at a classical school.

The guide will help you:

Gain a better understanding of classical education at its earliest stages.
Assess the kindergarten-readiness of your maturing child.
Know what to expect should you decide to start your child on the path to a classical education.


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