Portrait of a Graduate

Providence grew out of the vision of Crosspointe Church.

I.  Lordship: Relationship with Christ

The PCCS graduate will:

  • Understand Lordship and the role of the Holy Spirit in being a disciple of Christ.
  • Describe God’s plan; identify strongholds and hindrances.
  • Grow in faith, love of Christ, and passion for loving others.
  • Willingly share the work of Christ with others.

 II.  Initiative, Leadership, and Making a Difference

The PCCS graduate will:

  • Prepare for an uncertain future and cope with change through training in the fundamental fields of knowledge.
  • Utilize critical qualities of mind and durable qualities of character in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Improve, serve, and challenge circumstances and environment through wisdom, power, and love.

 III.  Working Ethic and Due Diligence

The PCCS graduate will:

  • Train the mind through rigorous academic standards by understanding that challenge is good for the mind just as physical work is good for the body.
  • Search and pursue things that are worthwhile and difficult.
  • Use projects, homework, and study to emphasize self-reliance, resourcefulness, and independence while maintaining a dependence on Christ.
  • Develop a lifelong work ethic in all aspects of life.


IV.  Intellectual Competence and Worldview

The PCCS graduate will:

  • Analyze, articulate, and defend a biblical worldview by examining and discussing cultural issues related to our current society.
  • Build a foundation of the Trivium through an understanding of the grammar of all subjects, reasoning through it, and presenting it logically, effectively, persuasively, and beautifully.
  • Emphasize the love of and cultivation of learning in all areas of study through logical organization and discernment of foundational knowledge.

Finally, in terms of our relationship with our member agency ACCS, we are in line with their vision and mission completely.